Dr. Shotaway’s Jungle, pre- read Eng

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Dr. Shotaway's Jungle, pre- read Eng

Dr. Shotaway's Jungle tells the story of the tropical rainforest in the Amazon, which curiously merges with that of Liberia in a Caribbean tax haven.

About the fate of the local population in both areas, deforestation, illegal imports, creative financing, defective legislation, corruption, religion and politics.

How the money disappears, the people do not profit, and governments watch helplessly as the lungs of the world are devastated by a stubborn, malignant tumor.

Dr. Shotaway goes in search of the truth. Who are the protagonists, how do they operate, and why on earth are we doing so sadly little about it???

As she does this, the writer marvels at miraculous and inimitable business constructs in a world full of Machiavellianism and unlimited pedantry.

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