Over Gio Ferrarius

I, Gio Ferrarius (1958),  am  a Dutch writer/researcher. I conduct in-depth research into internationally organized (environmental) crime and write about it. My focus is on deforestation, landgrabbing, illegal logging and related social abuses. Corruption, creatively structured financing instruments, but also the failure of governments, abuse of legislation and the sometimes bizarre role of religious groups are a common thread through my work.

My work is sometimes journalistic, but also narrative, often a combination of both. Readable, exciting, and always full of surprises. I work independently, on my own, and have no formal affiliation with NGOs, journalistic platforms or publishers, although I regularly collaborate with them.

It gives me the freedom to work opinionated, and to achieve results quickly. IMPACT is my main motivation, as well as I hope to offer an inspiring experience for my readers. My work includes both Dutch and English publications.

I was a businessman; was at the helm at international listed and private companies as CEO. I did so in the Netherlands, but also far beyond. I did business in more than 40 countries worldwide, managed offices on five continents, and acted on international stock exchanges. Consequently I know a little bit about the tricks of the trade. I also - and perhaps more importantly - got acquainted to just as many different cultures and associated habits. A good understanding of local customs, and the will to embrace them where necessary, are indispensable to understand why things work the way they do and to be successful. 

Gio Ferrarius is a pen name. Not that I have anything to hide, or don't fancy to be known. It is primarily a commercial matter. My name just doesn't lend itself very well to international releases. In addition, there are well-known namesakes in the Dutch language area, and that is sometimes confusing. Lastly, it is sometimes just practical during research, such a mystifying alter ego. 

Now , after finishing my active career a few years ago, I started writing. Not because I had fallen into unbearable idleness, but rather as the fulfillment of a long-cherished wish. 


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